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New scholars 2014

Gates Cambridge is delighted to announce the 2014 class of Gates Cambridge Scholars.

40 Scholars were selected in the US round in early February 2014 (details available here) and 55 were selected in late March in the International round (details available here)

The 95 new Scholars come from 27 countries and will be spread across 45 departments and a range of Cambridge Colleges. For the first time Scholars will come from Afghanistan, Dominica, Indonesia, Madagascar and Macedonia. Twenty-six universities have also produced their first Gates Cambridge Scholar.

Short bios of the new Scholars are available below.

Of the 95 Scholars, the following four are current Gates Cambridge Scholars who have won a second scholarship:

Leah Weiss

Nicholas Rice

Naomi Woo

Krzysztof Franaszek


Name Nationality Degree and subject
Mr David Abugaber-Bowman USA MPhil in Theoretical & Applied Linguistics
Miss Hanna Ajer Norway Mphil in Theoretical and Applied Linguistics
Ms Sabrina Gabrielle Anjara Indonesia PhD in Public Health and Primary Care
Ms Chiara Avancini Italy PhD in Psychology
Miss Helena Billington Australia Mphil in Epidemiology
Mrs Andrea Binder Germany PhD in Politics and International Studies
Mr Matthew Cassels Canada PhD in Psychiatry
Miss Adriana Cherskov USA MPhil in Medical Science
Mr Pepe Clarke Australia Mphil in Conservation Leadership
Mr Thomas Clausen Germany PhD in History
Mr Adam Cowden USA MPhil in Planning Growth and Regeneration
Mr Terrence Cullen USA MPhil in European Literature and Culture
Mr Michael Dafel South Africa PhD in Law
Mr Ritankar Das Mphil in Chemistry
Miss Sonya Davey USA MPhil in Social Anthropology
Ms Jacqueline Davis Australia PhD in Psychology
Mr Floris de Vries Netherlands PhD in Biological Science @ MRC CBU
Dr Surrin Deen Trinidad and Tobago PhD in Radiology
Mr Rafael Dernbach Germany PhD in Modern and Medieval Languages: German
Mr Tariq Desai South Africa PhD in Genetics
Ms Shannon Esswein USA MPhil in Biological Science (Biochemistry)
Ms Irene Falk USA PhD in Clinical Neurosciences
Ms Ashley Fidler USA MPhil in Chemical Engineering & Biotechnology
Mr Stephen Filippone USA MPhil in Physics
Ms Allyson Freedy USA MPhil in Chemistry
Ms Maria Isabella Gariboldi Italy PhD in Materials Science and Metallurgy
Dr Florian Gessler Germany PhD in Clinical Neurosciences
Ms Margaret Gilroy USA Mphil in Nuclear Energy
Miss Alina Guna Canada PhD in Bio Sci @MRC Lab for Molecular Biology
Mr Shakked Halperin USA MPhil in Biological Science (Pathology)
Ms Victoria Herrmann USA PhD in Polar Studies at Scott Polar Institute
Miss Brooke Elena Husic USA MPhil in Chemistry
Ms Evelyn Jagoda USA MPhil in Biological Anthropological Science
Mr David Wei Jia USA PhD in Biological Science
Miss Jerelle Joseph Dominica PhD in Chemistry
Miss Isabel Kasdin USA MPhil in Archaeology
Ms Michelle Kelley USA MPhil in Scientific Computing
Mr Vincent Kim USA PhD in Physics
Miss Neha Kinariwalla USA MPhil in Modern Society & Global Transformations
Mr Stephen Kissler USA PhD in Applied Maths and Theoretical Physics
Miss Romilde Kotze South Africa PhD in Chemical Engineering
Mr Fabrice Langrognet France PhD in History
Ms Noa Levin Israel Mphil in European Literature and Culture
Mr Nicholas Levine USA MPhil in History, Philosophy and Sociology of Science
Miss Sheina Lew-Levy Canada Mphil in Human Evolutionary Studies
Mr Reid Lidow USA MPhil in Development Studies
Mr Jeffrey Lockhart USA MPhil in Multi-Disciplinary Gender Studies
Miss Stephanie Gabriela Lopez USA MPhil in Latin American Studies
Mr James Mackovjak USA Mphil in Energy Technologies
Miss Laura Marcus USA MPhil in Education (Thematic route)
Ms Stephanie Mawson Australia PhD in History
Ms Madeline McMahon USA MPhil in Early Modern History
Mr Oliver McMillan New Zealand PhD in Engineering
Miss Ananya Mishra India Mphil in Modern South Asian Studies
Mr Riaz Moola South Africa Mphil in Advanced Computer Science
Mr Samuel Mosonyi Canada Mphil in Criminology
Mr Bhaskaran Nair Netherlands PhD in Materials Science & Metallurgy
Mr Muhammad Arif Naveed Pakistan PhD in Education
Dr Sandra Neoh Australia Mphil in Clinical Science, Translational Med & Therapeutics
Miss Emma Nicholls Australia PhD in History
Miss Afrodita Nikolova Macedonia PhD in Education
Mr Cillian Ó Fathaigh Ireland Mphil in European Literature and Culture
Ms Lorna Omondi Kenya Mphil in Management Science and Operations
Mr Gustavo Nicolás Paez Salamanca Colombia MPhil in Economic Research
Mr Andrew Parker USA Mphil in Public Policy
Ms Annika Pecchia-Bekkum USA PhD in Medicine
Ms Elizabeth Presser USA MPhil in Public Policy
Mr Herimanitra Patrick Rafidimanantsoa Madagascar Mphil in Conservation Leadership
Ms Rachel Reckin USA PhD in Archaeology
Mr Gregory Reeves USA PhD in Plant Sciences
Miss Casey Rimland USA PhD in Surgery
Miss Rachel Robertson Australia Mphil in Philosophy
Ms Sophie Rosenberg France PhD in Politics and International Studies
Mr Timothy M Rudnicki USA MPhil in Economic and Social History
Mr Matthew Samson Australia PhD in Psychology
Miss Simone Sasse USA MPhil in Biological Science (Pathology)
Ms Amirah Sequeira Canada Mphil in History Philosophy & Sociology of Sci, Tech & Med
Miss Veronika Siska Hungary PhD in Zoology
Mr Michael Philip Sitte Austria PhD in Engineering
Mr Abdul Hai Sofizada Afghanistan Mphil in Public Policy
Miss Otilia Stretcu Romania Mphil in Advanced Computer Science
Miss Michelle Teplensky USA PhD in Chemical Engineering
Mr Eric Tuan USA MMus in Choral Studies
Ms Ella Tunnicliffe-Glass New Zealand Mphil in Music Studies
Ms Callie Vandewiele USA PhD in Latin American Studies
Mr Frantisek Vasa Czech Republic PhD in Psychiatry
Miss Julia Chang Wang USA Mphil in Modern European History
Ms Madeline Weeks USA MPhil in Geographical Research
Mr Gregory Wilsenach South Africa PhD in Computer Science
Miss Songqiao Yao China Mphil in Geographical Research
Miss Suyang Zhang China PhD in Biological Sciences

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